At this time, the Unitē app is invite-only. You will need to know someone who is on the app and can send you an invite code.  You are welcome to visit theuniteapp.com and add your email to the waitlist to receive an invite.

If you have an invite code, and have created an account, you can go to your profile -> Settings Gear -> Scroll down to Invite a Friend. There you can copy or text the invite code and link. 

ListenNotes is the API we use to pull all podcasts which are listed as free and public podcasts with RSS feeds. We can’t index exclusive podcasts, which is illegal. Unitē and ListenNotes can only index free and public podcasts with RSS feeds.

Producers can claim their podcasts on Unitē, build a subscriber following, and engage in audio comments/conversations with their users discussing their podcasts clips at this time. As this is our first product, we’re starting with basic feature to continue testing. 

When people listen to audio on Unitē, and we use the audio url from our API response, Unitē app will pass listens to the original audio urls right from the RSS feed, so producers can see listen stats from their podcast analytics dashboard. We include a user-agent in the app when playing audio, so producers know the listens are coming from the Unitē app. In short, it works exactly like Apple Podcasts or any other apps in the open podcasting ecosystem. 

If you have an RSS feed, you can submit your podcast to our API site without going through Apple by clicking here.  

If you believe your content has been listen illegally or violates copy right laws, please follow this link to report your content.