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The Unitē App & Membership

A New Kind of Wellness Has Arrived.

On the app or in-person, Unitē is changing how the LGBTQ+ community finds support

Where Wellness Starts...

Unitē is a social wellness app and community membership. Our goal: to curate the best experts, content, and community to support you on your life journey. Designed for LGBTQ+ individuals to connect in safe and inclusive Queer spaces, say hello to a new community-driven wellness experience.

The Unitē app is available on iOS and Android


Like-minded individuals on similar wellness paths grouped for collective growth


Our way of "sparking" introductions and connections to increase clarity, and to spark an 'A-ha' moment


User and expert generated content sourced from wellness podcasts for easier discovery


Experienced leaders and mentors provide support across each community's Journey


Premium curated content for specific communities' content needs and desires

Unitē's patent-pending technology connects you with the right experts, insights, and communities for you to feel supported

A True Wellness Community

A first of its kind, Unitē offers more relevant and constantly evolving LGBTQ+ content and experts to support you as you grow. The result, more ways for you to approach your well-being, happiness, and even challenges as you navigate your life journey. Discover how community can be one of the best forms of self-care.

Free Access to Unitē

Unitē will always provide free and accessible content to LGBTQ+ communities in our app. For those seeking a higher level of support, we’ll continue to create unique opportunities to scale your wellness support and connect in-person.

Our First Community Membership


The Unitē Membership

We're taking the best of Unitē offline, to form our first membership community. Unitē experts, insights, and community. Now you'll have the opportunity to connect with the Unitē community from your phone AND at live events -- launching our first community in Los Angeles. The first 100 members get a founding member price and unique benefits.

More Benefits of Unitē App...

Improved Listening Experience

Research shows taking in just 2-minutes of new content each day improves one's outlook, happiness, and opportunities. Niche content and support systems turn community into a form of self-care while connecting users on similar wellness paths. Unitē will introduce you to the experts and insights that will help support you in elevating your life.

Discover New Connections

Through ongoing and constantly evolving content, Unitē allows you to turn short-format, shareworthy personal wellness content into new connections and lifelong transformation. We've reimagined how people learn and connect, and turn content you enjoy into a supportive learning network.

The Unitē Membership:
Launching in Los Angeles

Discover unparalleled access to a private community and membership that’s more than limitless support and uplifting queer social experiences—it’s yours to define. We’re proud to announce our in-person community for Gay and Queer men will be launching in Los Angeles

The Unitē app is still a free app open to all communities, but the feedback is clear that men in our community are craving a more bespoke and curated, in-person, experiences to elevate their mind, body, and social life. 

Join our inaugural wellness membership community or download the free app for content by choosing below. 

Unitē Membership

Live, In-Person, Community Membership
$ 50
/ per month
  • The Unitē membership is a private community for Gay & Queer Men
  • Premium Unitē collections to guide your growth
  • Weekly live cohort calls on Zoom with Unitē Experts & members to explore emotional blocks & limiting beliefs
  • Mentor+ Club: 10% off one-on-one sessions with Unitē Experts to dive deeper into your success
  • Learn More About Mentor+ For Queer & Gay Men
Now OPen

Free Unitē App

Curated Wellness Content
$ 0
  • Discover 2-min audio wellness to spark mental growth
  • Explore curated wellness Collections
  • Earn wellness points & rewards


Our mission is to build a more connected and happier world for all by transforming the way people find support in life.

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What Other's Say...


Unitē is bridging the gap between self-help and therapy. Transforming the way people find wellness support, we invite you to join our community. 


Unitē is bridging the gap between self-help and therapy. Transforming the way people find wellness support, we invite you to join our community. 

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