7/27 @ 12pm PST 
w/ Bryan Kosarek & Zach Kleyn 
Mentors from New York City & Los Angeles      

"If you have a goal, Unitē can help you get there!"

- The App For Expert Mentor Support, Guidance & Key Life Insights

Unitē is more than reading a self-help book, listening to a wellness podcast, or reciting affirmations into the mirror. It’s a community of Learners with BIG GOALS and BOLD IDEAS paired with the EXPERT Guidance of the Unitē Mentor community.  Consider it. The topics you wish they taught you in school to ACTUALLY achieve your goals and dreams (not like Algebra) curated by the minds of the most inspirational thinkers (sorry, coach Taylor!) Well, now there’s an app for that. Welcome to Unitē.  🤜🤛 

How Does It Work?


Choose if you want to be a Learner, Mentor, or even both! 🤔 We don’t put people in strict boxes.


Decide the level of support you want! Go at it alone or with a group -- both are 💯!


Join different Unitē Journeys to make real, actionable change in your life each month. 🚀

It’s All About the Journey

We’re all unique, but there’s no need to go at life alone. There are thousands, if not millions, of people on a similar life journey who share similar goals and challenges to yours. It’s true,  personal growth is…well personal…but definitely doesn’t have to mean alone! 


More Mentors, More Support

While other platforms charge a left leg to get support from only one expert, Unitē allows you to discover and access our community of Mentors with a free account or increase your level of support with one of Unitē's affordable Mentor subscription.


A Better Way

Thank you Google for 2.8B results in 1.2 sec. But if you're overwhelmed, you're not alone! That's why Unitē designed a better way to introduce you to the insights and individuals you need for support on your life Journey.


Reach Your Goals Sooner

Life works best when you stay in action. Surrounding yourself with a supportive environment will ensure you stay in action and reach your goals sooner.

The Unitē Difference

Find Your Thing


From experts to peer guides to weird-in-a-good-way gurus, people use Unitē Livestreams each day to share their unique life insights and offer supportive guidance.


Go at it alone or join a Unitē Journey. Unitē offers unique Learner and Mentor tools to help you discover new insights that will change your mindset and maybe your life, but no big deal.


Grow as you go. With Unitē Support, start with our free support tools and then choose from five levels as you discover which Mentors you like and where you want support. Rumor has it, there’s a secret sixth level, but that’s not confirmed yet.


Most of us don’t have the family, friends, or colleagues that can support our well-being and reaching our full potential. All good, we still love them. With Unitē, you’re able to connect with Mentors and other open-minded Learners. They can be your surrogate family.


From our Mentors to the topics we cover, we pride ourselves in creating the most diverse and accepting environment when it comes to personal growth and creating change. We know our true strength as a company lies in the diversity of our communities.


Unitē develops tools to support our community in reaching their full potential. Our product is designed with affordability, and high-level support in mind, at every stage of life. As the saying goes “Happiness is a Journey not a destination.” Coming soon, Unitē inspirational posters.

Official Unitē Journey

No More Mister Nice Guy

Inspired by one of our own Unitē Mentors, this official Journey is designed for men who often find themselves in the "friend" zone and are ready to use their "nice guy" energy to mix things up and create positive change in their life. Focused on increasing confidence and self-esteem, two of our amazing Unitē Mentors come together along with a few female guest Mentors to explore how you can show up more powerfully and authentically in your life. If you're ready for a gay guy, a few females, and a straight man to support you in transforming your life path, then this Journey is for you.

Official Unitē Journey

Relationships Should Thrive Not Just Survive

Inspired by the Unitē Founder's Journey to find love, this Official Unitē Journey brings you Mentors who help you discover and cultivate your Love Language, attachment style, emotional blocks holding You back, and how to prepare your energy and heart to finally attract that bad @ss partner you can call your own. Prepare to strap on your seatbelt. This Journey will get wild!

Official Unitē Journey

Make Money, Grow Money, Don’t Need New Money

Inspired by the Unitē Founder's best friend who is hustling to financially get ahead, but just can't catch that break, this Official Unitē Journey brings you Mentors who help you focus on Life Direction & Purpose, Debt-Relief, Trauma & Grief, as well as Investing 101 and creating a Side Hustle that will change your path in life. Stop scratching your head about building wealth and start a Journey to prepare you for the future.


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Frequently Asked Questions

You can use the Unitē exactly like an app. It’s available on any device via a web-based app. We will give you a video tutorial of how to use it once you create your account. We are currently in the process of developing the ACTUAL Unitē App! Much of the feedback and subscriptions from this platform will go into developing the most AMAZINGLY SUPPORTIVE app to help YOU in achieving your goals in life! However you define a goal, we invite you to join us on Unitē.  

We will always offer a free version of Unitē so you have a home where you can connect, find community and guidance around your goals, challenges, and desired outcomes. Whether you’re looking for more guidance as a Learner or have knowledge to share as a Mentor, our BETA plans start as low as $9.99, $14.99, and $18.99. You can explore Unitē’s different Learner & Mentor Subscriptions here.

While Unitē believes each human has the potential to be the student and a teacher in life, at this stage of our development we ask you to pick one path! If you are wanting to create change in your life, and lack clarity or are struggling to take action we suggest starting as a Learner. If you have unique life insights, are looking to support a group, or consider yourself a knowledge expert then we suggest starting as a Mentor

A Unitē Journey is less a destination and more an experience. Just as a radio station on Apple Music picks the artists and songs, a Journey on Unitē picks the Mentors and resources to create a better personal development experience for you around life’s most important topics. Just as you don’t become massively fit overnight from working out or financially independent from investing in one stock, it’s all about the support and community while working to obtain your goals. With Unitē you can join any Journey that is of interest and you’ll find a set of Mentors, open-minded Learners and insights there to help you achieve your goals. In the end, our goal is simple. To see you happy and thriving in life! Are you ready to start your Journey?

There are! In addition to Official Unitē Journeys, we have Social Peer Journeys. Our Research has shown that Learners initially prefer to learn from experts, so our premium product offers access to daily and weekly premium Livestreams from a Learner’s favorite Mentors. If a Learner signs up for a free account, they can also find peer-support in the Social Journeys. No matter the level a Learner chooses, the Unitē platform brings life guidance and support to all. And as we always joke, rumor has it that there’s a secret sixth level… but that’s not confirmed yet. OR is it?

Unitē is all about community! We are a social broadcasting platform that delivers live, interactive content at the intersection of self-help, social learning, and entertainment. We are creating Mentor and Learning spaces where collaboration and community thrive! Where you can find more authentic connections and personal growth opportunities than social media, but is way more fun and social than listening to a podcast by yourself or sitting in a therapist’s office (Which may serve a purpose!) We are uniting a community that has a deep desire to develop themselves, connect with supportive individuals, as well as create impact in the world. But really, at the end of the day we know as humans we’re stronger together.  There are thousands, if not millions, of people on a similar life journey who share similar goals and challenges. We are always looking for how we can find these intersections of humanity where we lift people up and create a positive impact. Then we find the Mentors and build community to support everyone at these different intersections that makes humanity great.  That’s what we live for on Unitē and what makes us different!

Unitē Mentor and Learner Subscription are renewed monthly until cancelled and can also be switched to a free plan or paused at any time. Our goal as a company is to develop features and services that support, empower, and elevate our users at every stage of life.

Life is all about being in action. When an individual is in action, life works and a person thrives. When a person becomes stagnant, fear and doubt seeps in and life slowly starts to fail. So if you are ready to mix it up, get into action, and connect with a community that will elevate you…then we suggest jumping right and deciding which plan is right for you.  You can start with Unitē’s free plan or add the Mentor support you desire.