Volunteer for Change

At Unitē, we have one goal. To build a more connected and happier world by transforming the way people find support in life. We seek to reduce stress and anxiety during life’s biggest transitions, challenges, and aspirations. We’re building new technology that will help the world and the Transgender community is the first to have access to this new app. Volunteer and help us transform the way the transgender community and their parents, families, & friends find wellness & emotional growth support.

Become an Ally

An Ally is an individual who can help us shape our wellness movement for the Transgender community as well as the parents, family, and friends who want to support this community. A Unitē Ally offers guidance, input, and feedback for the Transgender community.

Time Commitment: 15 Min/Week

Community Builder

Creating a wellness movement is all about people. If you’re passionate about connecting people, we would gladly welcome your volunteer support in bringing together parents, individuals, and influencers who believe there is a better way to support the transgender community. 

Time Commitment: 30 Min/Week

Join Newsletter

Stay up to date on new volunteering opportunities with Unitē. From being the first to test the app to community events, you’ll be the first to know.

Time Commitment: Nada!

What is Unitē?

Unitē is a new wellness platform currently in development. More than just technology, this is a movement to transform the way people find support starting with their own LGBTQIA+ community. Founded by a team of Queer individuals in the United States (NYC/LA/Austin), we want to make wellness and emotional  support more straightforward, accessible, and social. The platform allows individuals to find the content, experts, and communities that best support them  on their wellness and personal growth journey. We believe humans are stronger together and we are looking to build a community of volunteers that will support this mission. We invite you to join us!