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Welcome to Unitē’s Media Kit. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need additional information about the Unitē app.

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Company Background

Bryan Kosarek, Founder of the Unitē App, had his own ‘A-ha’ moment after a decade of therapy. Having dealt with issues ranging from coming out to his family as queer, to better understanding his parent’s PTSD from their own challenges, and also the loss of four friends to death by suicide. Over a decade later, more than $30,000 on therapy bills, and after studying and experiencing firsthand the 50% spike in suicide rates, he was inspired to take action and creation a solution.

While life brings unique challenges to each person, Kosarek discovered on his journey there is a comfort and peace that can be found in a collective group of people who are experiencing a similar challenge, transition, or aspiration. It was always community which allowed him to efficiently navigate moments of turbulence in life.

With a focus on short-format and share-worthy wellness content around 14 key areas of life, Unitē creates support pathways and products to bring a new form of self-care and the importance of community-based engagement. Many apps can leave people isolated and lonely, lacking community, yet Unitē is a peer-to-peer support app that is changing the digital wellness landscape.

How Unitē Works

The Unitē app, a new wellness platform, is transforming the way people find support while reducing the stress and anxiety that come with life’s biggest transitions, challenges, and aspirations.

Using two-minute podcast audio clips to “spark” A-ha moments (while also allowing users to discover full podcast episodes and their creators!) the goal of Unitē is to bring people together who are struggling, going through life’s transitions, or more broadly – just simply seeking additional support, through and around relevant content.

A peer-to-peer support app based in/around community, individuals discover, consume, and add to content curated by experts, and shared with other individuals on a similar growth and wellness path.



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