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Unitē Dreambook 2024

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How The Dreambook Started...

In 2019, I decided to leave my career and set out on a completely new life path. Knowing this was no small undertaking, the changes I needed were going to take a mix of vision writing, planning, manifesting, and action. My boyfriend and I, at the time, started with two exercises and what transpired for both of us turned out to be one of the most transformational and best years of our lives. I've continued to refine, what is now, the Unitē Dreambook with five planning exercises and I want to share it with those who are wanting to enrich their new year experience!

Bryan Kosarek
Founder of Unitē

Part 1: The Start of Your Dreambook Vision

The Dreambook starts off with looking at your biggest and most intimate dreams for your life. An exercise of clarity and manifestation, the goal of this exercise is to build vision so clear and inspiring you become a magnate for attracting life instead of chasing it.

Part 2: Your Best Moments 2024

The primary goal of life is to love. To do the things we love, with the people we love. To feel and express happiness. The Best Moments exercise helps break down key-areas of life in 2023 to see what can be carried over into 2024 to bring more love and happiness into you life. An exercise of clarity, gratitude, and manifesting allow the feelings to fill your mind and body as you recall the happiest moments of the last year.

Continue Building Your Growth Mindset in 2024

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More About Unitē Dreambook...

Part 3: Dream Travel Schedule

If you could spend the next year living in the cities or traveling to the destinations you are most curious about, what would that look like? The Dream Travel Schedule is an exercise in gaining clarity and planning around how you can create the lifestyle you truly desire and utilize the best tips for manifesting and planning. In a global economy where the nomadic life is more accessible than ever, any lifestyle is possible it's just requires a little planning -- so we share our planning and budgeting worksheet to help you get there.

Part 4: My Perfect Year 2024

My Perfect Year is the pinnacle of your Dreambook 2024. You know your BIG dreams, your HAPPIEST moments, your dream lifestyle, and a budget to bring your year together. Now it's time to bring it all together, fit it in to 365 days, and take action. Once you complete this exercise, every year you can refine your perfect year and add new things. But as the saying goes "If you don't put it in the calendar, it won't happen." This is the secret tool of the most successful people in the world -- a proactive life versus a reactionary life.

Part 5: The Dreambook Budgeting

For many people, we have an unhealthy relationship and mindset when it comes to money. But I have good news! Ultimately, money is nothing more than energy. The easiest way for people to transfer energy is by paying another person money for their effort. We live in a time where the "Side Hustle" is very much alive and healthy. The Dreambook Budgeting exercise helps you gain clarity on your income and expenses for the year so you can focus on what it takes to turn your dream life into reality. Once you're clear on your budget you can go after that promotion, take on a side hustle, or look for a new job that supports the lifestyle you desire. I also include my tax write-off categories I use to optimize my income with my businesses.

Where Wellness Starts...

Unitē is a self-help app which offers more relevant and constantly evolving content to support you as you grow. The result, more ways for you to approach your well-being, happiness, and even challenges. The right content leads to share-worthy experiences alongside the communities and experts who can best support your life journey. It’s like Pinterest, but for podcast clips to discover better content and experts in 15 key-areas of life. 


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User and expert generated content + resources, sourced from wellness podcasts for easier discovery


Experienced leaders and mentors provide support across each community's Journey


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Our mission is to build a more connected and happier world for all by transforming the way people find support in life.

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