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"When I wrote my goals down with you a couple years ago, I didn't think I could achieve that much. But I ended up achieving all of it and more!"

Matias Pulido, Unitē Dreambook Member

Make 2024 YOUR Year!

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Welcome to Dreambook 2024! The five exercises that make up the Dreambook are designed to support you with gaining clarity, expanding your vision for your life, help you plan and manifest the things you desire while, ultimately, encouraging you to take intentional action on your dreams.

To get started, download the Unitē Dreambook 2024 by clicking the button above and watching the quick video explaining how to do each exercise. There are also written instructions at the top of each sheet. If you have any questions, feel free to click the chat button to the right!

These five exercises should take you 3-5 hours. We suggest spreading them out over several days to ensure you are giving proper thought to each exercise. While the Dreambook takes a little work up front, it can be updated every year in less time.

Our hope is you take your time to check in with yourself and be very intentional with every exercise so you become the ultimate magnet for creating and attracting the life you desire.4

Formula for Manifesting: Create a strong enough plan or consistent internal feeling that the plan or feeling drops from your conscious mind into your subconscious mind. Then the law of attraction kicks in and you become a magnate for attraction.

Taking action and saying "yes" to life is the key which will allow the universe to work through you and deliver you the dreams you desire.

May 2024 be your BEST year yet and we look forward to seeing the dreams you manifest and design!

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Unitē is a self-help app which offers more relevant and constantly evolving content to support you as you grow. The result, more ways for you to approach your well-being, happiness, and even challenges. The right content leads to share-worthy experiences alongside the communities and experts who can best support your life journey. It’s like Pinterest, but for podcast clips to discover better content and experts in 15 key-areas of life. 


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