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Trauma, Relationships, & Finding Happiness

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Join Bryan and his community as they explore relationships, trauma, and a path to happiness. With Unitē, gain access to insightful well-being and happiness Journeys, instantly. Discover Unitē: Mentor support, key life insights, and social communities of like-minded Learners.

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Insight 1

Mentor: Mastin Kipp // Length: 5m 13s
Unhealed trauma lives in our body and has the ability to unconsciously control our life and relationships. If you're not familiar with trauma, let's start by getting acquainted with this term that can powerfully impact us emotionally and physically.

Insight 2

Mentor: Juna Mustad // Length: 12m
If you have anger in your life, it's time to listen to what your soul is trying to tell you. Humans, at their core, are not angry beings. Stop right now and turn your anger into your ally.

Insight 3

Mentor: Mastin Kipp // Length: 4m 50s
The 90-second rule for taking control. The problem when we find ourselves triggered, and in uncomfortable situations, is we let our trauma and subconscious run our minds. Building emotional fitness will allow you to create space to take control of your emotions, power, and ultimately your life.

Insight 4

Mentor: Marie Forleo // Length: 5m 24s
When someone you love hurts you, forgiveness is the path to repairing your relationship –– or to healing yourself if it’s time to let them go. Forgiveness doesn't always require the other person to be involved, but it's required to move on with your life.

Insight 5

Mentor: Mastin Kipp + Tommy Rosen // Length: 10m 46s
Heal your emotional wounds and thrive. Ruminating over the past keeps the mind in a trauma loop. Breaking these patterns which allows you to move through the past, and create a safe environment, will allow us to claim your power and step into a future filled with abundance.

Insight 6

Mentor: Lewis Howes + Dr. Joe Dispenza // Length: 3m 45s
Moving from lack and scarcity to abundance is your goal to start building the life you want and attracting happiness. Discover how you can build an abundant heart-centered radiant field that will allow you to drop from your mind into your heart.

Insight 7

Mentor: Dr. Joe Dispenza // Length: 10m 7s
The universe responds to your frequency. It doesn't recognize personal desires, wants or needs. It only understands the frequency at which you're vibrating. Move from lower frequencies like fear, guilt, or shame to higher frequencies like happiness and love to attract the love you truly desire.

Bonus: Attachment Quiz

Mentor: Psychology Today // Length: 20m
Understanding your attachment style not only allows you to understand yourself, but to understand others and find the right partner for you. This short quiz is essential for growing, learning, and healing yourself.

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