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Building Confidence
My name is Bryan Kosarek and I'm the founder of Unitē. for the Energetic Attraction Journey, I've brought together 15 of the best Mentors. on this journey, our goal is to raise your awareness on what may be holding you back from finding the love you desire. if you have any questions, or want to connect in our growth group, join us here...

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Taking in just 3-minutes of curated content each day for 7 days will lead to improvements in one’s emotional wellbeing through decreased stress, anxiety and increased happiness. Let's get started!

Insight 1

Mentors: Bryan Kosarek, Laura Russell & Frank Corday // Length: 57m 09s
Focus: pre-relationship, trauma, relationships, energy
this is why you can't find love...now that's a topic to go deepER on! Join UNITĒ mentors as we kickoff this journey and explore this topic on the UNITĒ podcast [deeper]. the reason may be a lot more simple than you realize.
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Insight 2

Mentor: Frank Corday // Length: 34m 09S
Focus: Pre-relationship & mindset
the 5 Love Languages: The Secrets You Need to Know. Unitē Mentor, Frank Corday, talks about the love Languages so you can identify yours and know what to look for in a future partner.

Insight 3

Mentor: jane st. croix ireland // Length: 31m 53s
Focus: Energey Healing & intuition
Dissolve Energy Barriers to Love. Does past hurt make it hard for you to connect with people? Is it difficult to let someone get close to you? If you tend to sabotage your relationships or feel like your heart needs healing, Use intuitive readings and energy healing to help you move past hurt and open to connection.

Insight 4

Mentor: Bryan kosarek // Length: 17m 37s
Focus: Life Purpose & Life direction
Real World Love: Meeting Romantic Potential Offline. Dating apps can be a difficult place to find love. With so many distractions, it can feel like people are just collecting swipes and likes. If you're ready to get offline and into the world to find real love, join us for a conversation on how to meet romantic potential offline.

Insight 5

Mentor: Beth Seed // Length: 28m 47s
Focus: flow, Relationships & compassion
Loving with Grace. Have you ever wondered if you could find real love without losing yourself in the process? Let’s explore how that is possible and how by getting closer to you, you can enhance your relationship(s) without sacrificing who you are.

Insight 6

Mentor: Jeannie & Mark Daly-Gunter // Length: 38m 53s Focus: attachment style & relationships
The #1 Reason Your Relationships Go Bad. Your Attachment Style is responsible for 90% of what happens in your relationship! Anxious? Disorganized? Avoidant? We ALL have the capacity to come back to a Secure Attachment style and have a healing relationship.

Insight 7

Mentor: John Ferguson // Length: 27m 59s
FOCUS: Confidence & Mindset
Cultivating Confidence: Learn how to cultivate the right thoughts to build the right mindset about yourself and the right situation to cultivate your confidence.

Insight 8

Mentor: rebecca livingston // Length: 41m 37s
Focus: boundaries, toxic relationships, dating
Creating Healthy, Loving Boundaries. strategies for establishing and enforcing boundaries to protect yourself with the people in your life. UnderstanD the need for boundaries, recognize when a boundary is necessary and build the confidence to enforce them.

Insight 9

Mentor: Mariel k // Length: 20m 55s
FOCUS: self-love & compassion, clarity, mindset
Love is Putting Yourself & Your Dreams First. Are you aware of how other people or society are affecting your dreams and your life? Knowing yourself, clearly seeing your dreams and understanding how important it is to put yourself first is essential when we want to live OUR life according to OUR OWN wants and needs, desires and vision.

Insight 10

Mentor: Stephani gimble // Length: 29m 13s
Focus: self-love, dating, mindset
Love yourself, Date yourself! Let’s talk about loving yourself enough to take yourself out on a date. I’m talking getting dressed up, going to the fancy event, ordering your favorite drink & owning the night of dating yourself. overcome the fears, doubts & hesitations around spending time with yourself.

Insight 11

Mentor: Anna zikou // Length: 13m 30s
FOCUS: limiting beliefs, self-worth, clarity
Relationships: What Are We Doing Wrong? Limiting beliefs about ourselves and our worth often prevents us from seeing clearly and make us choose the wrong partner. look into the reasons why this happens and how we can make wise judgments in our relationship choices.

Insight 12

Mentor: milko kukov // Length: 26m 54s
Focus: attraction & dating
How to Find and Attract the Partner You Want. Do you struggle to attract the partner you truly desire? I will share with you the key elements I have found that can attract the person you want to be with.

Insight 13

Mentor: bryan kosarek // Length: 17m 22s
FOCUS: limiting beliefs, self-worth, clarity
Use your life purpose to unlock love. “The universe only gives us what we think we’re worthy of receiving.” Unlocking your life purpose and aligning yourself with your core values opens you up to receiving love in a whole new way. Step into your power and align with your purpose to start radiating and attracting new relationships into your life.

Insight 14

Mentor: Frank corday // Length: 18m 34s
Focus: pre-relationship, dating, marriage
Opposites Do Not Attract In Relationships – Learn Why Not! You probably heard ‘opposites attract’ growing up. dive deep into why this myth isn’t true.

Insight 15

Mentor: Mariel k // Length: 16m 26s
FOCUS: self-love, boundaries, relationships, dating
Say NO! (You’ll survive & thrive!) Is the word NO something you use when you really feel that way? or it stays in your mind and makes you swallow your emotions or your wishes? Are you aware that this word is actually a sign of love -- love towards yourself, your loved ones and other people who need to hear it.

Insight 16

Mentor: JEN NASH // Length: 24M 39S
Focus: relationships, finances, marriage
For the Love of Money! Yours, Mine or Ours? 36% of couples report that money is the biggest source of stress in their relationship. ~Ally Bank. It’s a common issue, but there are ways to create a peaceful financial partnership with your loved one. Apply these 6 anchors to grow your love and your money.

Insight 17

Mentor: Daniel & Juliet Owen Nuttall // Length: 26m 15s
Love-Making vs Baby-Making. The conception journey can make sex a to-do list. This can affect the relationship and how each person feels about the most intimate moments together. Learn how to turn the love-making around to improve your chances of conception.

Insight 18

Mentor: waldo lizcano // Length: 48m 37s
4 Rules to Pregnancy. It’s time to get pregnant. but… waiT! haven’t you been avoiding it for a long time? Do you even KNOW how to get pregnant? Are you considering spending $10,000 on treatment to have that beautiful baby in your arms? If you just knew these four simple rules to pregnancy you could even have your loved baby in less than 3 months*! and… for FREE! *Variations may apply.

Insight 19

Mentor: milko kukov // Length: 36m 06s
FOCUS: marriage, mindset, intimacy
Keep Your Relationship Alive. The longer we stay in a relationship, the more we tend to lose the spark and the life in it. In this live, I will share some simple ways to keep it or revive it if you lost it already.

Insight 20

Mentor: jen nash // Length: 16M 55S
Focus: Marriage, finance, mindset
How to Talk to Your Spouse or Partner About Money without Fighting. 41% of divorced Gen Xers and 29% of Boomers say they ended their marriage due to disagreements about money. ~ TD Ameritrade. The longer money arguments are allowed to live in your relationship, the more likely it will suffer devastating outcomes.

Insight 21

Mentor: stephani gimble // Length: 24m 06s
FOCUS: marriage, relationships, empowerment
My Penguin & I: Lessons From Our Love Journey. Penguins mate for life and so Stephani has often described her partner as "her penguin". Today is their 8 year anniversary! Come hear the romantic stories and the honest stories of how they've built their life together and know without a doubt they are life partners.

Bonus: Attachment Quiz

Mentor: Psychology Today // Length: 20m
Understanding your attachment style not only allows you to understand yourself, but to understand others and find the right partner for you. This short quiz is essential for growing, learning, and healing yourself.

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