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A New Platform for Men Looking to Get More From Life

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The No More Mister Nice Guy journey is designed for men who keep putting in the work, but aren’t generating the results they desire in their life. This 8-week program is about clarity, focus, prioritizing, impulse control and risk-taking to get clear and into action on the path you truly want.

The No More Mister Nice Guy journey is about brushing off the old ways of being, taking control of life and going after what you truly want. A social journey with like-minded men there will be weekly calls, accountability challenges and opportunities to be Mentored to clear blocks that may be holding you back.

Through small steps over the next 60 days, our goal is simple: to bring more support and guidance to your life wherever it’s needed. The journey is all about empowering you to get clear on what may be holding you back, taking steps to start creating movement in your life and harnessing the power of focus in this window of time.

Whether it’s with your career, relationships, family or social connections, No More Mister Nice Guy is a new well-being Journey on the Unitē platform and as a new pilot program the first group is invited to try the program, and provide feedback to shape future programs, for $9.99/month.

We invite you to start by subscribing to our weekly Mentor-guided Journey group.


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Master facilitator, coach, and creative mentor Zach Kleyn focuses on the intersection between masculinity, the healing arts, and creative expression. He has been trained for over a decade by some of the best healers and artists in the world, including top leadership facilitators in the Mankind Project, Dr. Peter Levine and Somatic Experiencing International, and many other healing arts, including hypnosis and plant medicine. He has a Master’s Degree in Studio Arts from CalArts, is a former nursery school teacher, playground designer, counselor, and professional artist, and currently mentors some of the most accomplished creatives and visionaries on the planet while traveling as a full-time digital nomad.


What You Get

This is a Journey of Support, Guidance, & Change

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  • Social Learner Profile
  • Access to Social & Premium Mentor Livestreams for Subscribers
  • Exclusive Access to Unitē’s Premium Journey Group
  • Monthly Peer Challenges Designed to Create Change
  • Monthly Accountability Groups & Partnerships
  • Mentor Club: Up-To 50% Off Select Times for One-on-One sessions
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Men: You're not expected to have all the answers. But sometimes, life can feel that way. Whether you consider yourself creative, sensitive or straight up a man's man, Unitē is a online social community that brings together experts so you have the support and guidance to thrive on your life adventure while building new bonds and creating new opportunities.  Start Your New Journey »

Expert Livestreams

Sometimes the act of getting started is the biggest challenge when life gets difficult. With Unitē's Social Livestreams, start creating movement in your life by jumping in and joining weekly conversations on the Unitē Mentor Plan. Create Movement In Your Life »

build a Growth Mindset

The saying goes "We don't know, what we don't know", so how are you developing your mind and building a growth mindset to resolve the current challenges in your life? At Unitē, we focus on introducing you to insights that will create breakthroughs and opportunities in life. This way you have tools, insights, and resources to build the life you truly desire.
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expert mentor support

It's 2021 and community is the new form of self-care. That's why each Unitē Journey provides you with access to expert Mentors who can guide you and answer questions. At Unitē, we focus on groups settings which allow you to not only learn from the Mentors but also your peers. No matter the level of support or guidance you want, we have a plan to support you.
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The #1 challenge men often struggle with is following through in life. Unitē is designed to be a community which allows you to find consistent support and accountability each week so you can show up in life more powerfully. Consistency in action leads to positive results which leads to increased happiness and confidence. Our goal is to see you happy, confident, and thriving in your life.
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A SOCIAL COMMUNITY: Brotherhood 2.0

There's a movement happening amongst men who realize the secret to thriving in life is building a brotherhood with other men who can guide, support and mentor each other. No matter the race, age, sexual orientation, or abilities there's a comfort in knowing there's a man somewhere in this world that has been where you are and has your back.
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what the group is saying...

"I had never really considered turning to an app or community like Unitē, but I am so glad that I did! Sometimes there are answers sitting right in front of you, but you have to speak with the right people or Mentors who can pull them into sight."
Colby G. - Austin,TX
"We all feel lost at some point through our journey of life. For me, it happened around the age of 35, when I not-so-suddenly realized what I had been doing were not satisfying me anymore. I knew I wanted to break from this pattern but I didn’t know how. I now have a dream, a goal, a destination. I only needed good guidance to bring it out. Thanks Unitē!"
Gokhan A. - London, UK

why join Unitē?


Life isn’t always linear, so our goal at Unitē is to provide Expert guidance and insights for whatever is showing up for you in life. Our social platform is designed to allow you to focus on the goals and Mentors who can provide guidance while also connecting and learning from our supportive community. Wherever you want to grow and learn in life, our community of Experts and Learners will unite around you to bring insights, resources, and connections.


Working with the Mentors and Learners who have gone down a path before you is the fastest way to achieve your goals, minimize stress and anxiety while building up an emotional support network that can guide you when life gets tough. With Unitē’s Journeys and Mentor Livestreams, you always have access to a community that can expand your knowledge and support you in creating new life opportunities.  


Let’s face it. We’re human and humans are designed to be social. Navigating life alone can be difficult. At Unitē we’ve discovered that, while each of us has our own unique life path, we have more in common than we may realize. That’s why Unitē’s Journeys are carefully curated ecosystems to unite the best Mentors, Learners, insights, and resources to support you in making your life Journey easier and more enjoyable.

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$ 9
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  • Social Learner Profile
  • Access to Social & Premium Mentor Livestreams for Subscribers
  • Exclusive Access to Unitē’s Premium Journey Group
  • Monthly Peer Challenges Designed to Create Change
  • Monthly Accountability Groups & Partnerships
  • Mentor Club: Up-To 50% Off Select Times for One-on-One sessions
  • Unitē Insights Newsletter​

Frequently Asked Questions

A Unitē Journey is less a destination and more an experience. Just as a radio station on Apple Music picks the artists and songs, a Journey on Unitē picks the Mentors and resources to create a better personal development experience for you around life’s most important topics. Just as you don’t become massively fit overnight from working out or financially independent from investing in one stock, it’s all about the support and community while working to obtain your goals. With Unitē you can join any Journey that is of interest and you’ll find a set of Mentors, open-minded Learners and insights there to help you achieve your goals. In the end, our goal is simple. To see you happy and thriving in life! Are you ready to start your Journey?

The premium Plus Mentor Plan is for those individuals who are ready to go deeper into their Journey with Mentor support, guidance, and expert insights. Through weekly group livestreams with the Mentor, guest Mentors, and the exclusive access to the premium Journey group you’ll find opportunities to connect and find support when you’re looking to create new breakthroughs in your life. With weekly challenges and accountability groups, our goal is to support you with being in action and creating change in your life. 

The No More Mister Nice Guy Journey is an ongoing journey that men can join when they feel they need support and guidance. While we focus on 60-day springs, your monthly subscription on Unitē allows you access to any journey on the platform.  The end goal is to provide you support and guidance when you need it most, but still allow you to have a space to grow and connect with others when you don’t need Mentor support.

Unitē is all about community! We are a social broadcasting platform that delivers live, interactive content at the intersection of self-help, social learning, and entertainment. We are creating Mentor and Learning spaces where collaboration and community thrive! Where you can find more authentic connections and personal growth opportunities than social media, but is way more fun and social than listening to a podcast by yourself or sitting in a therapist’s office (Which may serve a purpose!) We are uniting a community that has a deep desire to develop themselves, connect with supportive individuals, as well as create impact in the world. But really, at the end of the day we know as humans we’re stronger together.  There are thousands, if not millions, of people on a similar life journey who share similar goals and challenges. We are always looking for how we can find these intersections of humanity where we lift people up and create a positive impact. Then we find the Mentors and build community to support everyone at these different intersections that makes humanity great.  That’s what we live for on Unitē and what makes us different!

Unitē Mentor and Learner Subscription are renewed monthly until cancelled and can also be switched to a free plan or paused at any time. Our goal as a company is to develop features and services that support, empower, and elevate our users at every stage of life.

Life is all about being in action. When an individual is in action, life works and a person thrives. When a person becomes stagnant, fear and doubt seeps in and life slowly starts to fail. So if you are ready to mix it up, get into action, and connect with a community that will elevate you…then we suggest jumping right and deciding which plan is right for you.  You can start with Unitē’s free plan or add the Mentor support you desire.