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Mike Tringe (He/Him)

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Mike Tringe (He/Him)

Co-founder of CreatorUp, Mike Tringe empowers anyone to have an opportunity and platform to tell their story through video and digital media. A teacher, filmmaker, and entrepreneur, part of Mike's favorite part of life is helping others succeed. Mike has helped his startup go from bootstrapped to Series A by raising $7.5M, as well as building CreatorUp into a company that works with 250+ global clients. Mike has been featured in Nasdaq, Wall Street Journal, and Forbes.

Built a $30M+ Company From Bootstrap
• Featured on Nasdaq, Wall Street Journal, and Forbes
• Built startup that employs 50+ people


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What To Ask Mike...

In your first intro phone call, your Expert will learn a little about you and share a little about them. You can ask 1-2 questions with the goal of getting you moving towards your goals.

• Advice on building a startup, startup strategies, and/or startup networking for kickstarting your idea

• Scaling a startup including building a brand, fundraising, becoming a CEO, leadership, and operations

• Strategies for getting paid and earned media

• Networking in the startup ecosystem to bring your idea to life

More about Bryan

Democratisizing LGBTQ+ Networks

Bryan is building the future of wellness support by leveraging the power of community and AI to deliver a new social experience for LGBTQ+ individuals, our families, and allies. Discover the power of #Unitē

Having assembled and managed a multi-country team to develop his app, Bryan is passionate about helping startup founders bring their ideas to life. From concept design to legal and app development, Bryan can guide you in early stage development.

Using events as a go-to-market strategy, Bryan understands the social landscape as well as event planning to make sure y

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Cities: Los Angeles, CA      San Francisco, CA   •   Austin, TX      New York, NY      Chicago, IL
Companies: CreatorUp  •   YouTube   •   Spotify  •   OUT Magazine  •   Revry
Universities: University of Southern California  •   Harvard
Other:   StartOut   •   Out in Tech   
Topics: Trademarks   •   Startup Attorneys  •   LLC  •   Early Stage Startups

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