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Unitē App: The New Wellness Platform Turning Community Into a Form of Self-Care

The Unitē app has launched and we invite you to discover your wellness with Unitē Sparks, Collections, and Chats. 🚀📱 After years of self-discovery and failing to find a platform that brought together like-minded individuals on similar growth paths, we decided to build our own. The Unitē app has launched and we invite you to be one of the first to access Unitē’s self-discovery and personal growth platform. Interact with the experts, curated content, and communities to best support your lifelong transformation and happiness. Join our growth and wellness movement. Join Unitē.

Personal Wellness, Reimagined

Unitē Launch Party, Hotel Ziggy Los Angeles

The Bite-Sized Wellness App We Didn't Know We Needed

The Unitē App, a new wellness platform, is transforming the way people find support while reducing the stress and anxiety that come with life’s biggest transitions, challenges, and aspirations. A peer-to-peer support app based in/around community, individuals discover, consume, and add to content curated by experts, and shared with other individuals on a similar growth and wellness path.

Using two-minute podcast audio clips to “spark” A-ha moments (while also allowing users to discover full podcast episodes and their creators!) the goal of Unitē is to bring people together who are struggling, going through life’s transitions, or more broadly – just simply seeking additional support, through and around relevant content.

Bryan Kosarek, Founder of the Unitē App, had his own ‘A-ha’ moment after a decade of therapy. Having dealt with issues ranging from coming out to his family as queer, to better understanding his parent’s PTSD from their own challenges, and also the loss of four friends to death by suicide. Over a decade later, more than $30,000 on therapy bills, and after studying and experiencing firsthand the  50% spike in suicide rates, he was inspired to take action and creation a solution.

While life brings unique challenges to each person, Kosarek discovered on his journey there is a comfort and peace that can be found in a collective group of people who are experiencing a similar challenge, transition, or aspiration. It was always community which allowed him to efficiently navigate moments of turbulence in life.

A report done by the Mental Health Million Project reports almost half of Americans who want more support around their well-being and mental wellness won’t seek professional help. And that number only goes up with the LGBTQIA+ community. Almost 36% of those polled had a preference for self-help where people indicated that they preferred to manage their challenges on their own. With the Alliance on Mental Illness reporting that the average delay from the onset of mental health symptoms to treatment is 11 years, Bryan feels there is a giant gap in the wellness and mental health support space.

Kosarek feels that in order for more to speak up and seek wellness support, they’ll need to develop a language around what they’re even experiencing. He hopes The Unitē App will help people do just that through curated and digestible wellness content. And maybe even make the journey more fun through gamification and celebrity wellness conversations. 

Join Unitē by downloading the app at theuniteapp.com.

Social Wellnesss: It Starts With a Spark

Learn About the Unitē App + Mission

Founder: A Wellness Movement is Born

A wellness movement began with our mission to transform the way people find support. It started ten years ago when I set out to transform my life and two years ago when I set out to build a platform that supported others in their growth. Turbulent times, whether personally or globally, call for stronger connections and partnerships. I believe this next decade will call on all of us to step up our humanity and how we support one another. As a tech founder, I will work to make sure Unitē is at the forefront supporting individuals and communities who need the most support. I hope you’ll join me on this journey as we create a brand and culture that supports the world in a new way!

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If you know any podcasters, experts, coaches, influencers, or individuals in the wellness space we invite you to share this app with them. We’re looking for educational partners and purpose driven companies who are looking to support individuals on their wellness journeys.

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Discover their Unitē collections by joining the app and exploring the curated content these experts, organiztaions, and companies have curated for our community.

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