Ketamine Therapy Journey for Gay + Queer Men

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A Day of Healing & Renewal

Whether you're ready to enter a new stage of life, looking to gain new insights, or improve your mental wellness, our experienced team offers you a legal, safe, and proven experience to accelerate and usher in change.

Research has shown psychedelic medicine is an effective treatment for anxiety and depression symptoms. This Unitē psychedelic journey partners with the Online Ketamine Clinic and is designed to heighten self-awareness, creativity, group flow, collaboration and camaraderie within our community.

But first, get the full experience by downloading the Unitē app and learn more about the benefits of a psychedelic experience below!

New LGBTQ+ Healing Experience In LA

The Unitē community sits at the intersection of social experiences and mental wellness. This transformative group psychedelic experience brings together up to ten special individuals while offering fresh insights, group bonding, and a new sense of community that will be fostered naturally during this 4-hour psychedelic retreat.

Our group psychedelic journey includes all of the following:

  • 1 Free Consultation to see if you qualify
  • 1 Licensed Clinician Telehealth Consultation
  • 1 Group Psychedelic Ceremony
  • 1 Group Post Retreat Integration Session with an Experienced Psychedelic Guide
  • Cacao – Hapeh – Sananga Plant Medicines
  • Sound Bath
  • Aromatherapy
  • Organic Fresh Pressed Juices
  • Organic Healing Fresh Fruit

An exclusive invite-only offer through Unitē, the cost for this transformative experience in Los Angeles is $695. Extended treatment offer is also available.

The Journey Format

Our psychedelic journey is equal parts community connection and personal growth. We aim to help you expand your mind, discover a new possibility, and align on a new path to step into a higher version of yourself. Here are the four elements of each journey.


Shalom’s work creates a sanctuary for healing and transformation, grounded in over 30 years of psychedelic and cannabis therapy experiences. He founded the Online Ketamine Clinic in 2023 as the culmination of a decade in combining modern treatments with ancient traditions. His work extends through MindPi and HeartLlama to serve additional communities with healing modalities. Originally from Argentina, Shalom is a gifted healer who guides clients to find their own path to self-discovery, inner peace and spiritual awakening. He considers himself to be patient number one, still very much within his own healing journey and sharing love for the process. His immersive style offers an opportunity for experiential healing and transformation that goes beyond traditional therapy. Ultimately, Shalom seeks to co-create collective healing, open hearts and minds, inspire connections and cultivate inner peace for humanity.

Nicholas Berry Psychotherapy

A Ketamine-Assisted and LGBTQIA+ Affirming Therapist, Nicholas Berry is passionate about helping LGBTQ+ individuals identify underlying factors that prevent them from having deep and meaningful relationships in order to build awareness, insight, and connection.

Online Ketamine Clinic

In recent studies, ketamine treatments have been shown to be very effective in managing depression, anxiety, bipolar disease, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and many other mental health conditions. After you’ve been qualified as a candidate, we’ll issue a prescription for ketamine and pair it with medically-guided, holistic psychedelic therapy. Led by our virtual ketamine therapy protocol, the treatment process takes place with a curated group. Our clinic provides highly personalized medical care, integration support and ongoing guidance.

The Unitē App

Our mission at Unitē is to build a more connected and happier community by transforming the way LGBTQ+ individuals find mental and emotional wellness support in life.

Bryan Kosarek, Founder of Unitē

A True Wellness Platform

A first of its kind, the Unitē app offers more relevant and constantly evolving LGBTQ+ content and experts to support individuals as they grow. The result, more ways for the LGBTQ+ community to approach well-being, happiness, and challenges as they navigate their life journey. The goal is for individuals to discover how community can be one of the best forms of self-care.

Free Access to Unitē

The Unitē app will always provide free and accessible content to LGBTQ+ communities. Explore over 300 life and LGBTQ-centric categories to support your mental wellness and gain new insights. Our goal is to curate the best LGBTQ+ wellness experts and content to create a community-driven support experience.

First Scalable Support Platform

Our goal is to build the first scalable wellness support platform that starts well before 1-on-1 crisis management is needed and grows with the user. Unitē is a technology platform that helps LGBTQ+ individuals discover, develop, and cultivate wellness support with peers and experts.

Come Together.

At Unitē, we're continually developing new partnerships and technology to support the LGBTQ+ community. Whether in-app or in-person, we look forward to cultivating new experiences to support our community in a new way.


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Unitē is bridging the gap between self-help and therapy. Transforming the way people find wellness support, we invite you to join our community. 


Unitē is bridging the gap between self-help and therapy. Transforming the way people find wellness support, we invite you to join our community. 

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