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Unitē is Now Available on the Apple App Store

Unitē is Now Available on the Apple App Store

Unitē is a new app bridging the gap between self-help and therapy. Discover and curate the best wellness content for improving your well-being and happiness while reducing the stress and anxiety that comes with life’s biggest transitions, challenges, and aspirations. Get your invite code to Unitē below.

Where Wellness Starts...

A True Wellness Community

Unitē is a self-help app and marketplace which offers more relevant and constantly evolving content to support you as you grow. The result, more ways for you to approach your well-being, happiness, and even challenges. The right content leads to share-worthy experiences alongside the communities and experts who can best support your life journey.

Free Access to Unitē

Unitē will always provide free and accessible support to communities. For those seeking a higher level of support, we’ll continue to create unique opportunities to scale your wellness support.

Are You A Part Of The

The LGBTQ+ Community?

Join us for a special kick-off of our movement to make wellness support for the LGBTQ+ community, and our family and friends, more accessible and straightforward. If you are coming out / transitioning or just want more support as an ally to support your loved ones,  add your name below for a link to join the Unitē app when it launches. Be introduced to the experts, constantly evolving content, and communities that will best support your lifelong transformation and happiness.

More Benefits of Unitē...

Improved Listening Experience

Research shows taking in just 2-minutes of new content each day improves one's outlook, happiness, and opportunities. Niche content and support systems turn community into a form of self-care while connecting users on similar wellness paths. Unitē will introduce you to the experts and insights that will help support you in elevating your life.

Discover New Connections

Through ongoing and constantly evolving content, Unitē allows you to turn short-format, shareworthy personal wellness content into new connections and lifelong transformation. We've reimagined how people learn and connect, and turn content you enjoy into a supportive learning network.

How Unitē Encourages Well-Being & Happiness

Unitē offers the tools and resources to build resilience and take on life’s biggest transitions, challenges, and aspirations


Our way of "sparking" introductions and connections to increase clarity, and to spark an 'A-ha' moment


Like-minded users on similar wellness paths grouped for collective growth


Premium curated content for specific communities' content needs and desires


Experienced leaders and mentors provide support across each community's Journey


User and expert generated content + resources, sourced from around the web for easier discovery

Unitē's patent-pending technology connects you with the right experts, insights, and communities for you to feel supported


Our mission is to build a more connected and happier world for all by transforming the way people find support in life.

Now on Apple's App Store

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