Gay / Queer Therapist: Jake Ryan


Gay / Queer Community

Jake Ryan (he/they)

Marriage & Family Therapist / LMFT, CST #136624

San Diego, CA

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Virtual / In-Person

This practitioner offers virtual sessions


This practitioner does not accept insurance


Starting at $165 for individuals and $195 for couples


LGBTQ+, Identity Acceptance, Sexual Health, Coming Out, Romantic Relationships, Dating & Finding Love

Meet Jake

Author of "Be Your Own Therapist" & Teaching People To Use Therapeutic Models

Are you looking to see a therapist short-term and get a new perspective on a specific issue? I think there's value in being in therapy simply to understand yourself better and in going for a specific challenge but I prefer the latter. I like to work with highly motivated clients who want someone direct, kind, and knowledgeable so they can make changes to their life and move forward more confidently.

Whether you're struggling with anxiety, confidence, or your identity, I can help provide a more empowering perspective so you can get what you want from therapy and get on your way! Also trained in Brainspotting for emotional processing.

I'm a marriage and family therapist, meaning I don't believe as much in individual psychopathology. Rather, I believe your problems are in your environment (your relationships, your work, and society) and help move you out of self-blame and self-pity. I'm also an AASECT certified sex therapist so can help with sexual dysfunction and orientation/identity too.

Life is hard but I believe you're intelligent, resilient, and capable. What's held you back so far doesn't have to keep holding you back! While I can't guarantee quick changes, I can guarantee I'll be compassionate and honest so you stand the best chance of getting where you want to go!


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