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Mike Tringe (He/Him)

Co-founder of Creator, Mike empowers anyone to have an opportunity and platform to tell their story through video and digital media. Teacher, filmmaker, and independent producer the most rewarding part of Mike's life is helping others learn AND watching the impactful stories and videos his students created after learning with CreatorUp.

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Making world-class content creation easy

As a teacher in Morocco, I started a film program, and was inspired by my students' stories. For the first time, I could see the world through their eyes. That changed me, and inspired me to go to film school at USC. For me, films and videos are not just entertainment. They are a means to get to know each other and ourselves. A way to communicate new ideas in a powerful and exciting way.

I co-founded CreatorUp to empower anyone to have the opportunity to tell their story through video and all forms of digital media. Now that the technology exists for us to make high quality videos and digital distribution is free, people are searching for the basic tools of visual storytelling to learn how to share their idea with the world.

My background as a teacher, filmmaker, and independent producer has allowed me to develop a platform that provides a USC Film School level education to anyone in the world affordably and on demand. I love helping people learn, and watching the impactful stories and videos they've created after learning with us has been incredibly rewarding.


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