Join the UNITĒ Board of Culture & Community


Unitē is a wellness community and platform transforming the way people find connection and support. As a member on our Board of Directors for Culture your unique background, perspective, and network play a pivotal role in shaping and creating new experiences that influence and inspire the Unitē community.  If you have a desire to empower and lift people up, we invite you to apply and volunteer as a member on the Unitē Board of Directors for Culture.

Transform the Fabric


We’re a diverse group of engaging individuals who value bringing communities together and introducing individuals to new experiences. We see the benefits of bringing people together, cultivating relationships, and are willing to give a little of ourselves to make the collective journey a little more enjoyable by lifting people up. 

Join + Volunteering Commitment

The Unitē Board of Directors for Culture is a six (6) month volunteering opportunity. The only obligation we request is if your application is approved, and you join the Board of Directors for Culture, you take ownership of planning three events in your six month volunteering term.  The board will support you, but you plan your own unique experiences for whatever group size you determine. 

Unitē Events + Board Members

 As Unitē Board Members, we’ve planned events that support anywhere from 10-150 members and we want you to bring a unique perspective to these new experiences. For our events, we look to identify venues that want more visibility and then create social experiences with wellness experts that support our members in a new way. From LGBTQ+ Panels to speed dating mixers or hiking with therapists to curated dinners, we aim to bring people together in new and special ways.  

You + The Unitē Network

Board Members are responsible for planning and organizing their events, BUT don’t worry! We open our network and best practices to help members plan their three experiences. Our goal is to provide more experiences to our community and we can’t do that alone. If you’ve had a desire to find more purpose in your life and lift people up, then this is your opportunity to get involved with an organization that is making special things happen for the LGBTQ+ community. 

The Unitē Culture

Unitē, fundamentally, believes community is one of the best forms of self-care. We empower our Board Members to dream of the unimaginable, connect the unthinkable, and deliver the unexpectable. Our app and community experiences are designed to support LGBTQ+ individuals and our allies in an entirely NEW way. Our goal is to break the culture and mentality of being a victim and trauma, even as we face new challenges as a community every day, and create a new path that lifts us up and cultivates new opportunities for us to thrive and connect! 

What Other’s Say…


Unitē leverages the power of community to deliver the best and most affordable wellness experiences for supporting LGBTQ+ individuals, our allies, and friends. Discover the power of community. #ComeTogether